Trenchless Sewer Repairs in Sonoma County, CA

In the past, a sewer lateral replacement meant several days of man-hours, intrusive demolition and excavation of the surrounding path of the existing lateral ie: driveways, walk-ways, asphalt, well groomed landscaping including plants; trees; lawns; and other valuable structures, but most of all came with a hefty price that was subject to additional costs due to unforeseen conditions.


Over the last decade sewer lateral replacements have evolved into what the industry now calls “Trenchless Technology.” The Trenchless Technology that Small Jobs Plumbing, Inc. specializes in is less formally known as “Pipe Bursting” or “Pipe Pulling.” 


Pipe Bursting or Pipe Pulling uses your existing damaged pipe as a guide for the new pipe. Using specialized equipment the new pipe is fed through the existing pipe, which causes the damaged pipe to fragment outward.


While the Trenchless Sewer lateral replacement process still requires some strategically dug holes, it is still less destructive then the traditional way of sewer lateral replacement. This less destructive process will allow your landscaping to bounce back quicker or more times then not it will for the most part remain intact.   


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